A Smart Home
is far more than just the ability to control lights and electrical appliances remotely through a phone or tablet. It represents a sophisticated system that seamlessly automates daily routines, liberating you from mundane tasks. By configuring personalized scenarios based on your habits, a smart home streamlines and optimizes your living experience.
Imagine a home where everything operates effortlessly in the background. The curtains gracefully open and close, the lights adjust according to your needs, and potential leaks or break-ins are proactively managed. Additionally, the smart home diligently regulates temperature and air quality, ensuring a comfortable and healthy living environment.
  • Family Company
    We are a family company. Thanks to this, we have true home values. We believe in creating personalized solutions for all our customers.
  • Warranty
    All of the electronic devices we offer comes with a warranty. If a problem occurs within
    the warranty period, we will be present to resolve the issue and replace the equipment
    if necessary. We do also provide technical support, maintenance plans and many more services.
  • Technically strong
    We have many years of experience in technical support and the electrical industry. We never say "no" when our clients ask for difficult solutions. Even if it involves a new solution that has never been done before!
  • Unique Solutions
    We design systems as individual projects to meet your requirements and budget. Every one of our projects are designed in a unique fashion to meet the requirements of your comfort alongside your preferences.
  • Proposals with detailed and clear statements
    We always provide transparent, itemized proposals. We do not believe in "estimates" that increase after we are appointed (unless of course the specifications change).
  • Always available
    Our administrative team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM
    to answer your questions. We also have an after-hours maintenance team available to assist you with urgent matters.
    Our team is ready to answer all your questions on a language that is convenient for you: English, Turkish, Russian.
At Automated Future Homes, our mission is to empower individuals and families to create seamless, intelligent, and sustainable living environments through cutting-edge smart home solutions. We are committed to enhancing the quality of daily life by harnessing the power of technology to simplify tasks, increase energy efficiency, and provide unparalleled convenience. With a strong focus on innovation, user-centric design, and a commitment to security and privacy, we aim to be the trusted partner that transforms houses into truly intelligent homes, making modern living effortless and enjoyable.
Our vision at Automated Future Homes is to lead the revolution in smart home technology, redefining the way people interact with their living spaces. We envision a future where homes anticipate and adapt to individual needs, seamlessly integrating smart devices to create personalized and dynamic environments. Through continuous research and development, strategic partnerships, and a dedication to sustainability, we aspire to be at the forefront of innovation in the smart home industry. Our ultimate goal is to foster a vast community of empowered homeowners who experience the perfect blend of comfort, efficiency, and security, all at their fingertips.
Automated houses of the future can dim the lights, turn on music, turn on the heating, lock the doors and turn on the security system.
The Smart Home system combines the technologies in your life into full-fledged, simple interactions that match your lifestyle and are easy for your whole family to enjoy. The system is easy to update and adapt to the ever-changing needs of your home in the future. What can Automated Future Homes do for you? We can connect all your smart devices for collaboration, creating a truly intelligent "smart home" that makes life more convenient, safe and enjoyable.
What is a Smart Home OS
Unparalleled Personalization:

The true beauty of Automated Future Homes is that it is uniquely programmed to match your lifestyle – tailored to the way your family lives, making life a little more convenient and a lot more enjoyable. Our leadership in interoperability makes it easy to integrate your favorite devices and systems into your smart home setup to deliver this highly customized experience.
An Exceptional Ecosystem:

We partner with the world’s leading brands and products. So, no matter which devices or systems are in your home, chances are, Control4 can control and manage them. From the pool to thermostats, gates to garage doors, entertainment to security systems – and nearly anything in between – our open platform and commitment to interoperability provide you with the broadest selection of third-party choices.

Smart Home OS
OS offer a complete view and dedicated control
of your entire home. Unlike traditional touchscreens, you won't need to find and launch an app; control of your home is instantaneous. Conveniently manage lighting, security, music, televisions, temperature, shades, and more. Their bright,
high-resolution screens, fast processors, advanced microphone array, and high-grade speakers are excellent for security cameras and video doorbells, as well as intercom from room to room, or from home to mobile device.
Whole Home
Every home can be smart home. It is a common misconception that in order to make a smart home a reality, you have to enter the building phase. We’ve turned that misconseptions on its head: we have the power to make your home the smartest home it can be, whether your home is unfinished, under construction, or has been standing for years. Whether you have a small apartment or a huge lot, we can make it smart. Our products are built
to scale. That means you can start with a universal remote control for all your entertainment devices, and when you’re ready to expand, add smart lights and door locks (or anything else).
Smart Lighting
Control lights from anywhere in the house. Dim when required. Able to turn off lights when we forget and in bed by the app. Have sensors conncted to allow the kids to walk through
the house to us in the middle of the night and they are only on 10%.
Home Security
Protect what matters the most. Keep your home, and the important things in it, safe and secure at all times. Check in on the locks, cameras, and garage doors from across the street or across the globe. Receive alerts when someone enters the house. Set lights to automatically come on at dusk so you’ll never have to approach a dark house again. Intelligent security solutions put peace of mind
at your fingertips so you can trust that all is safe and sound.
Intercom Anywhere
Whether you’re home or away, with Intercom Anywhere you can monitor and communicate
with any room of your smart home right from your smart phone and Smart Home OS. Greet guests and allow them to enter if you are running late, check in on your kids if they aren’t answering their phones, and observe and communicate with anyone who approaches your front door. With Intercom Anywhere, you have peace of mind
in the palm of your hand.
Home Theater
Dedicated theater room. More than just a space to watch a movie, your theater is meant to be a place of isolation, drawing you away from the outside world and straight into the action. It’s the perfect ambiance that leaves your family lost in the cine-magic, the go-to spot for friends to enjoy the big game or the next binge-worthy series, and a space you’ll never want to leave because the viewing experience brings it all to life. Create your perfect escape and then surround yourself with those who matter most. It’s not a switch. It’s not a bulb. It’s about setting the perfect scene—every time.
Multi-room Audio
Stream your favorite playlist on full blast through the entire house or enjoy it softly in the kitchen. With high-resolution, multi-room audio you can play all of your favorite music everywhere or in just one room—with the touch of a button.
Voice control
Hands-free automation. Speak up and be heard. We’ve all been there—walking through the door into a dark house, arms full. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask your smart system to help? Now you can. Your favorite voice assistants can execute spoken requests to select or control media, turn on/off lights or lighting scenes, and execute personalized automations.
Universal Remote
One-button control of everything. Customizable buttons that allow you to control more than just the lights—including music, movies, locks, thermostats, even your garage door—with a simple press. Turn on or off multiple rooms, or your entire house, with one tap as you’re headed off to work or turning
in for the night. There’s no longer a need to travel from room-to-room switching off individual lights and televisions.
Wi-Fi & Networking
Networking Switches. Switches bring out the true performance of your connected devices to give flexibility for wired connections and power your devices. Pakedge switches are designed to process AV network traffic flows at incredibly high speeds and eliminate lag, jitter, and buffering in streaming audio and video traffic.
Climate Control
Enjoy a comfortable and inviting home that delivers energy-efficient climate control, convenient management of your pool and spa, and enables easy communication for your family.
Blinds & Shades
Easily raise, lower, or tilt individual window coverings or a grouping of motorized blinds or shades in your home.
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